October 4, 2011

It's the Stuff You Can't Have

I'm telling you, it's all about the stuff you can't have. I opened an email five minutes ago from my friend Krista who is in the Philippines with her husband and four children for a few months. She writes, "We are all dreaming of cheese. There are no cows here and dairy products are nowhere to be found!"

In his weekly radio show This American Life, "#446: Living Without," released 26 September 2011, host Ira Glass opened saying,
"Recently I was talking to this guy who told me how, years ago, because of a medical condition, he had to give up beer. He had only been a casual beer-drinker before this; he had never really given beer much thought. But now that he couldn't have a beer, he was thinking of beer all the time

He had a fantasy, it went like this: He goes into a bar, and he orders a beer.

That was the whole thing."
What's your current fantasy? Will your happiness quotient rise significantly when that thing--money or boyfriend or job offer or pregnancy or cheese or beer comes within reach?

After Krista's family returns from the Philippines; after Ira's subject recovers from this medical condition, will they really be so much happier when they can get cheese and beer?

What's beyond your reach that you fantasize about?

Or better, what do you have access to--right now--that thousands and millions and billions of other people around the world can only dream of having.

If that doesn't make a girl feel real rich, real quick, right now...


  1. I guess human nature hasn't changed much since the garden :)

  2. One thing we need to be happy about that we have is life itself. Then you can be happy with whatever you receive for it is all a true blessing