December 14, 2010

79 Free Christmas Music Downloads from

Broke Girl loves a good Christmas Carol or seventy-nine.

She (little known factoid), is a music composer and arranger herself, and knows a thing or two about wanting to collect royalties on her musical works.

But when has a bevy of composers and performers who are giving complete songs and mini-albums of Christmas music away--gratis--Broke Girl leaps. [Okay, switching now from third to first person:] My fingers are a bit sore from clicking on 79 links and 79 "download now" buttons and 79 tab closures, etc., but the music was free and I'm enjoying it now.

Thanks to one of my favorite, sweet and savvy mom bloggers--Crystal at, with whom I corresponded earlier this year, click through to her blog to get the downloads for yourself.

Also, every day from December 1 through Christmas, is offering another new free Christmas or Holiday song download. Bookmark this page to get your new free song every day.

Merry Christmas!

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