October 5, 2010

Somewhere on route 12 or Route 20 in NW Indiana Dune Territory

In a sketchy stretch of northwest Indiana where Gary kind of grinds down and the road stretches into mile after mile of closed-down businesses, shuttered shrimp-shacks, and the occasional liquor store, there is a little spot where a bit of renewal appears. A few slightly upscale vacation getaway homes appear as the Indiana dunes near.

Anyway, I recently chose to take the roads less traveled to a destination in Michigan--and-- to drive free of charge (eschewing the dull views from Interstate Route 80 and tolls to the road's operators, the Spanish Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte and Australian Macquarie Infrastructure Group). So while on this trek that probably used to be really busy (there were four empty lanes of roadway), I spotted an odd-looking "weather vane" that topped a spanking brand-new bank. Stuck out like a sore thumb along the eyesore of a route. Made an immediate U-turn in front of no on-coming nor off-going traffic to go back and take this photo:

Then a closer look:

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  1. I suppose you are quite sure that the photos are of a bank and not of a "prosperity gospel" church, with a steeple that represents what the church is distinctively about ... looks like a church to me, and nice pics of it by the way.