October 30, 2010

Random corn stalks in the city

We're not certain whether neighbors (in a rather upscale co-op building) in Chicago's Gold Coast are looking for ways to cut back on their food bill; whether aliens or high winds planted corn seeds in random little spots of soil around town, or if the phenomenon we've noticed is a real slow-occurring Internet flash-crowd event by cornstalks.

Whatever it is, we've seen random stalks of corn sprouting in the oddest places across our city. This morning's discovery was of a single stalk of corn (don't city farmers know that stalks must be raised in twos so they can cross-pollinate?) accompanied by a tall baby-tomato plant on the alley-facing side of an otherwise perfectly landscaped property.

Corn stalk on left; tomato plant on right
Could be some folks' response to rising food prices. Here is another, sprouting from the little stretch of soil on the margin of a Walgreens parking lot on Diversey Parkway at Halsted Street. 'Least somebody knew to plant these in twos:

Random cornstalks at a Walgreens parking lot in Chicago's Lincoln Park

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  1. Funny! Now I am going to have to look around and see if I can find any corn growing in my corner of the city! My thought is that some of them might be plants that kids started at school and wanted to see grow up. As a city kid you have to get creative!