September 15, 2010


Strolling through the leafy Chicago neighborhood of Bucktown this past Sunday afternoon, I spotted a lovely renovated house with a "For Sale" sign posted on it.

Stairs led to the front door, and a second set led about six steps down to a garden level entrance as well. That's where I spotted a swirl of the season's first fallen leaves. Crumpled up within was a dollar bill. I looked closer. Yes, it was.

There was a time when I was wont to step in front of a speeding bus to pick a shiny penny out of the gutter. My aversion to bacteria and the remains of pets on sidewalks have brought me to ignore even nickels and dimes anymore. But a dollar bill does catch my eye.

Would you have noticed this? ...or is it just my eye for a buck?
I walked down to the garden entrance (this wasn't trespassing, I'm sure), and picked up the dollar bill. Keep it? Leave it? Tuck it where the homeowner could spot it?

I decided to put it through the front door mail slot. (Probably illegal, according to U.S. Postal Service rules and regulations.) As I lifted the mail slot thing, I could see shiny wood floors and the edge of a beautiful thick rug.

Well, I don't have a point, so that is the end of this blog. Except that, well, what would you have done with the found dollar bill? And what did the finder do with the three twenty bills that fell out of my pocket while walking through my neighborhood earlier this year?

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  1. Even if you had no other virtues to recommend you, with such concern for doing right by others you would be very welcome as a neighbor about anywhere. I would certainly be happy to have you for the neighbor who finds my lost money! I hope an eccentric billionare doing a social experiment with the carefully placed crumpled dollar bill has it all on video and knocks on your door shortly with a check for a million dollars.