September 22, 2010

The Problem of Eve

Yes, yes, yes. I did indeedy recently speak at the "Women's Night Out" event hosted by Aspiring Women host Shirley Rose at the Total Living Network studios in Aurora, IL, per my previous post.

It has been some time since I was a more frequent speaker at women's conferences, seminars and such on all topics monetary. I appeared for but a few minutes at this event, so got right to it: the root of financial angst, worry and fear for most of humanity, including Americans from New York's Wall Street to the retirement villages of Florida; the bankrupt State of California to girls everywhere just digging for a little more change from the bottom of their pocketbooks.

It is the problem of Eve.

For a girl who had all the sweet, just-off-the-vine mangos, kiwi, cherries, papaya and pomegranates we could ever imagine, she was certainly blind, or seemed to have lost not just her way, but her sense of smell, touch and such. She could not see the rich and organic array of foods that was hers, and instead had a spotlight zeroed on the one fruit that was not hers.

She caved to the enemy’s lie: You have to have this; you need and deserve it.

I’ll tell you who the enemy is: it’s not money, but it is the stuff you do not have and the things you think you want. It’s the one fruit that does not belong to you.

And if you do go use your credit card to buy what you think you want; I promise—it will do nothing but stoke your craving for more. Like oxygen to a flame, it will fuel your desires. Faster than you can say “Hey, Eve—pass that fruit bowl!” you will be wanting something more, because the Ford Focus you just traded for a Volvo then a Mercedes to a Bentley just won’t satisfy the itch.

I believe that the continued belief of this lie, even eons later (which, like all really good lies, does have a spot of truth to it), is the root problem behind, oh, these:

* former boyfriend of mine who is doing Federal time for financial fraud (seriously!)

* ridiculous mortgage underwriting and shenanigans--the mess that became exchange-traded CMOs that began the trickle that turned to a torrent that has badly shorn the U.S. and global economy

* the fact that credit card debt is today, indeed the pimp of many a family, couple, college student, single working girl, and even celebrities

* a million more issues that drive a wedge between folks and their desire for a life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Yours truly, a.k.a. "Broke Girl" speaking at Women's Night Out

I made brief mention of a concept that could bring some really quick, almost instant beginnings of financial relief. Not a solution or fix to one's financial strain, but an activity that you can implement immediately, that would show some immediate results in terms of feeling financially free-er, more in control, and possibly seeing the beginning of a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel for those feeling stuck in the fiscal dark.

More to come about that concept of which I had previously only heard of in my own brain, but which I was delighted to hear keynote speaker Michelle McKinney Hammond also refer to, and amplify on in her own presentation...


  1. Hmmm... Broke girl here.

    Just happened across Seth Godin's blog post today. He too, refers to the problem of Eve, of which retailers tap into deeply:
    "Dissatisfaction guaranteed"

    Great brands are built on dissatisfaction. After all, if you are satisfied with your Revlon makeup or your Nike sneakers or your iPad, why would you buy another one? Satisfied means done, finished, I don't need any more.

    In fact, most great commercial (and non-profit, and political) brands create a cycle of purchase based on ever-greater dissatisfaction with what we've got.

  2. Oh, and here's the link: