September 1, 2010

I spotted my future self today - and - Nicest Guy Ever award

I post this photo in no way to mock the flowery-attired and hatted lady ahead of me at the CVS Pharmacy store this afternoon. I instantly liked her look and stepped in line behind her with my caffeine-free Diet Coke purchase.

She opened her large pocketbook and fished around for what became long minutes in her search for a mode of payment for her purchase.

I, being in no hurry, actually relished the opportunity to exhibit patience. She beckoned me to go ahead. I said, "Oh, no worries, and no hurry; you take your time, ma'am."

She fretted, "I don't think I have my money here." And continued through her portable filing cabinet of a purse.

And then the store associate [may I please take a moment for a shout-out to young Black men everywhere, bless this boy's heart] was all like, "Oh, I am sure you will find it. Take your time. Your money is in there somewhere."

So as the line expanded behind me, she finally pulled out a check-book type thing in which there were a bunch of crisp twenty-dollar bills stuck together. "See," the store associate said kindly, "I knew you would find it."

After the lady left, I said stepped up to the clerk and said, "You seem to know her; does she come in often?"

"Oh yes," he replied. "But I'm the only one in the store who is willing to wait on her."

I said, "Well, awesome, because in just about three more years, I am her."

Nicest Guy Ever award; I can only imagine it is tough being a young Black urban man out there getting a job, getting ahead, getting respect. And this guy -- he exhibited the graciousness of the ages. He is going places. I don't know where, but places, for sure.

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