September 1, 2010

$5.00 off Kraft products you'll probably buy anyway

Go here to get $5 off purchase of five Kraft cheese or dairy products. Btw, I freeze cheese for later use in cooking and stuff. So it's worth stocking up, in my opinion.

If Velveeta doesn't suit your palette, perhaps Parmesan, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, string cheese and more will.

Broke Girl is not above a little couponing action. Lately I've not entered a grocer without $5 to $10 of coupons in tow to knock off the top of my grocery bill. I often source Money Saving Mom or The Thrifty Mama before heading out.

Like last week. Although I personally own a ton of Whole Foods stock (probably overweighted and need to shift that), I usually don't shop there, even though the new store in Chicago on Kingsbury Street is like the Disney World of grocery stores. So delightful and visually and otherwise entertaining. (Wine bar, yummy gelatto, New York City-style hot and cold food buffets, a regular bar, downstairs and mezzanine seating for casual diners, beautiful cooking class room, sometimes free outdoor movies on the parking garage rooftop, riverside dining, restaurant-in-a-grocery grill, and more.)

Anyway, because I believe one should never say the four words, "I can't afford it," (unless you really do not have one dollar in the bank) that means I shan't say, "I can't afford to shop at Whole Foods." However, I more frequently choose to go to the less visually exciting ALDI just a few short blocks north of Whole Foods--which oddly, is often empty. (Haven't these Lincoln Parkers caught on yet...some three years or so into the current economic contraction?)

Anyway, here is today's best coupon deal from Crystal Paine at I just printed it, to use before October 1 expiration: $5.00 coupon off purchase of five participating Kraft cheese or dairy products.

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