August 5, 2010

I'm sold on Sonic (but I still bought it on the cheap)

So I'm kind of reversing my claim of yesterday--that my purchase of a Philips Sonicare toothbrush will cost me another $1,409.86.

(Btw, the Sonicare Essence 5000 series is $89.99, retail. My cost: $30.99. Walgreens' regular price is $79.99, less a 15%-off-all-purchases-for-friends-and-family-day-coupon at Walgreens; less a $10 coupon I picked up at my dentist's reception last week, less $20 for a Walgreens advertised sale; less $10 in an Extra Care Buck coupon from vitamins I purchased from Walgreens earlier this week for $10.)

Avoid paying retail. I decided to switch from a manual to electric brush a few weeks ago, but was awaiting an opportunity to pay less than 50 percent of the retail price, and that opportunity presented sooner than I expected!

This is how I figure I'm really ahead a few thousand dollars--not behind $1,400! I must be the last person on earth (that is, in locales there is indoor plumbing--I'll exclude those in un-plumbed refugee camps around the globe) to discover the joys of electric sonic brushing.

First, I'm using about 80 percent less toothpaste. But that doesn't save actual money, since I always get toothpaste free after coupons and such nonsense. I typically just pay tax.

My teeth are celebrating already. And after having spent a few thousand dollars on tooth repair and upkeep, and keeping my dentist in Prada (seriously, he wears that for everyday!!) I realize that this sonic cleaning thing is really going to keep my teeth and gums in pristine condition. My dentist oft warned that my style of brushing was too harsh and aggressive, and it is true I attacked it with a vengeance, but my new cleaning tools are so much better and gentler, and, I think, really getting my teeth microscopically clean.

So I take back that sarcastic response to Philips' product pitches. True, I won't be spending $1,409.86 on extraneous electronics to keep my life as it "should" be, according to Philips' copywriters, but I now am a believer: the $30.99 + tax that I put out is an investment that will likely result in lower dental repair costs.

Gotta go, time to brush and head to bed.

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