August 4, 2010

Second-hand is simply first-hand smart

Tag sales, garage sales, yard sales: are smart, fun, hip and cool, and even for the rich and famous celebu-reali-TV types, as in this video of the New York family featured in 9 by Design.

More to come on Why Broke Girl has decorated her house with only two pieces of furniture purchased new from a store* (Oh, excepting her bed mattress--that was new--but not the Crate and Barrel branded four-poster on which it rests.) Everything else having been scavenged from alleys, Craigslist sellers, Salvation Army and other thrift-type resale stores, and random yard sales.

The only thing she's ever bought new: a pair of these steel, brass and copper palm chairs signed by their designer Mario Villa, bought for too much bucks circa 1990 (but which she still thinks she'll resell someday at a profit, including accounting for the time value of money from 1990 to present day.) They're pretty, but not like, super comfortable or anything, being a bit on the high side for a 5'4-1/2" girl.

 *Because, as she famously says, "I like it when somebody else pays the big bucks, and I get the goods!!

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