August 6, 2010

I'm sneaking into the [Sams'] Club this weekend

I've never joined a big warehouse shopping club, although I've accompanied friends to the Costco nearest me.

But heard on the radio a few days ago that non-club members are invited to shop, gratis, sans membership cards, at Sam's Clubs everywhere this weekend: Friday through Sunday, 6 - 9 August!

So I went to the Sam's Club store locater and found one seven miles from my home; will probably go.

It was Groucho Marx whom Woody Allen quoted when Allen made the statement oft credited to himself: "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."

After a reader wrote the following, I responded
From reader Luke: "Sams is over rated. They only sell name brand items, granted they are cheaper than name brand items in other stores, but the same price as comparable non-name items. In other words at Sams you have to buy 4 bottles of Heinz ketchup. When... for the same price per bottle you can buy 1 bottle of Walmart ketchup.
Broke Girl responds: Thanks, Luke. You know, I've since decided not to even make the trip. I checked out a few Sam's prices online and decided that rather than pay $1.49 /box of Kleenex brand tissues, I'll pay $0.99 for a box of unbranded tissues--equally good quality-- at the ALDI grocer in my neighborhood. Why pay 50% more? I'm with Woody Allen on this one--don't want to join that "Club" that would have me...Thanks.
But for any readers who take the free spin through Sam's this weekend, let us know what you think... Would love to hear.

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