August 12, 2010

Get your GroupOn and I'll donate to Compassion International

Perhaps I have failed my friendly readers (both of you) by not mentioning Groupon? How else do you think Broke Girl recently afforded a complete set of oral X-rays, cleaning, and exam by a crack dentist, and with no dental insurance?

Being that I am, dentally-speaking, self-insured (I do carry a BCBS-Illinois medical policy, just not dental) I subscribed to Groupon at the behest of my long-time friend Todd Sinelli. He had snagged super-inexpensive dental care from a dentist wishing to expand her practice via Groupon. So I, too subscribed to the Daily Deal blasts, and when the next $49.00-for-full-dental exam, cleaning and X-ray appeared as a Groupon Daily Deal, I signed on.

I'm an on-and-off subscriber. Most recently enjoyed a dee-liciously fabulous dinner at India House ($20 for $40 worth of dining), with my nephew Jonathan, who operates a service business in India, so is becoming somewhat of an India-phile. It was fantastic, and easily worth even the $40 price of the meal (for which we paid only $20, + generous gratuity.)

Check out for your locale. In fact, if you sign up at Groupon via my personal link, I'll be credited $10 after you make your first purchase. And I promise, I'll donate 100 percent of those proceeds -- $10 for every person signing via my link -- to Compassion International.

(And just today, I'm checking out Daily Deal Chicago, slightly less attractive offerings, but worth a look if you live in my town.) My tip: just purchase products and services you would have planned to use anyway. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it is worth your buying it.


  1. So happy that you experienced a taste of India - hope to hear more about your nephew's service business in India. How can he NOT be an India-phile!?

  2. Other competitors that have arisen in the wake of the success of Groupon are these: