August 18, 2010

Free 11" x 17" photo cling - act QUICKLY

I've been getting free photo things from Walgreens all week.

Every day this week, there is a new one-day-only offering for a free or reduced-price photographic thing. Yesterday, I picked up a free 8" x 10" photo --to be a gift for my mother. It's not so photogenically sensational so much as the story it tells.

It is of a family birthday dinner on the farm in Michigan, an activity we've done regularly and happily for years and years. And by the way, not everyone in the picture is related to everyone. Family dinners include people who are visiting, or in-laws of in-laws and such--which, in my family, makes them family. This dinner included folks who happened to be visiting from two other continents: South America and Asia. (Would you guess that the 86-year old man in the left front--my father--suffered a massive stroke nearly eleven years ago? And note my beautiful mom who is his devoted caretaker. Farm community living, good family relations, and faith in God can make for very healthy living.)

I love giving little surprises away, and today, I'm ordering a new product (new to me). It's the free 11" x 17" photo cling--to present to my sister-in-law. It's a photo of her son, recently shot by a professional photographer. She'll love it, I am sure.

Check out (of course, zero corporate compensation for this mention. I always disclose). No worries if you missed out on this particular free photo cling -- check back every day this week to find another fun little item to gift away!

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