July 16, 2010

Thanks, Steve!

I'm soon to be $29 + tax richer, once I am refunded my put-out for the bright orange bumper I bought for my iPhone 4. I didn't buy it to improve reception. BTW, my phone conversations are cut off for no apparent reason, at minimum, twice daily. Oh, but for the days of yore and rotary-dial landline phones permanently affixed to the wall. And my family's was a party line. (Two longs and a short, if I remember correctly.)

I got the bumper so I could find it in the bottomless pit that is my bicycle backpack, handbag, and office desktop.

So what am I going to spend all that money on?

Probably the electric bill that I got for the 30 days ending mid-July. More than twice the highest electric bill I have ever had, and it's not like I've had the air conditioners running constantly, although I do have two of them that service my home. I'm a big user of fans, you know. Especially vintage ones, even though they're probably huge gobblers of energy just to get those heavy metal blades turning.

My iPhone takes a self-portrait all dressed up in its pretty orange bumper

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