July 30, 2010

Stuff I've learned: Waived baggage fees, Chicago's new bike share

Interesting story how traveler Wendy Perrin saved $280 in checked-luggage fees on a family trip to Hawaii. She says her Continental Airlines MasterCard, when used for flights booked through Continental, waives fees for checked luggage!

Note to self: Must check this out with my more frequently-used carriers.

And in other news, finally, my hometown of Chicago is railing the bike paths of Amsterdam, Paris, Denver and DC: The new bike share program sponsored by the company Bike and Roll, rolls out today. How exciting! I ran a few errands yesterday using only my bicycle to get around this increasingly cycle-happy city, but after first mapquesting to scout out an office supply store along my the way. Indeed, there was an OfficeMax on Ashland Avenue that fit right along my route! Rental rates are higher in Chicago than in Denver, Minneapolis, D.C., Fort Lauderdale and San Antonio, but that's because those municipalities received public funding. Surprisingly, no room in the budget to facilitate healthy and eco-friendly activity in this tourist-heavy town. Where are those tax dollars spent? If they never existed...

Oh, and in other news, former Gov Blagojevich's jury is today deliberating. Mulling over the case in which the trail just wrapped--the former Illinois Governor facing 24 counts brought against him by the government, including attempts to extort campaign contributions.

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