July 12, 2010

Some comparisons against money

Thumbing through some news (on the Internets), I uncovered some folk comparing and valuating a few things (in red, below), versus money:

NYTimes.com had a sort of lifestyle feature about doormen. Having just avoided a strike, they got a negotiated a four-year contract with a 10 percent raise.

So the story focuses on the (mostly) men who, like building fixtures, are assumed always to be at the ready by those who are also comfortably accustomed to service from nannies, waiters, cleaning staff and so on.

Anyway, 22-year veteran Rolando Colombani says of the building occupants he has come to know well, when it comes to earning tips for extra services. "'A relationship is worth more than a dollar bill,' he said. A dollar bill doesn’t speak to me." Sweetly said.*

In the Fashion & Style section, a light-show designer spoke about ThirtyDaysNY on which he was working. ThirtyDaysNY being a temporary cultural experience: art gallery / performance / event space staged by indie bookstore creators. " 'It was never about the money,' Joshua White said. 'It was about "Can we make a happening? Can we make a scene?'" The creator described the objective of said happening as "...to fill a space with cool stuff and see who comes."

*Said in context such that money mattered less than his fondness for lending a hand to tenants for small favors. "Tips, he said, were welcomed, but it was not that simple."

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