July 19, 2010

A Shout-Out to Corporate Sponsors of My Upcoming Birthday

A big "thanks" goes to the first sponsor to treat me to a free--no strings--birthday entree which I just picked up at Noodles & Company, 2813 N Broadway St at Diversey in Chicago. Very much enjoyed having my first birthday lunch, albeit by myself, a week early: Chinese chop salad w grilled chicken, hold the red peppers.

I don't specifically recall signing up for a Noodlegram, but am glad I did and you can, too.

Note to reader: When signing up for free offers, coupons, etc., use an email account created specifically for such spam (er, "welcomed" advertising, special offers). I just happened to check that account (at Gmail) today, which I do less than once a week and thus happened to spot my free "happy birthday" coupon, which I printed. Then headed straightaway to the noodles.com site to find a store near me. Hungry for lunch; it was perfect timing, and off I went.

I guess they got their goods, too, as it was a location I did not know existed. Maybe I'll return. When I stopped in at 2:00 p.m., the store was not busy, but the cashier said I was the third person today to claim a free birthday entree.  Retail: $9.90 (a big chunk of that Chicago city tax). My cost: $1.65 for a soda.

If you know of any other corporations that would like to sponsor my birthday, please mention in the comments. Share the opportunities with the rest of us who like to be celebrated at least once a year.

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