July 19, 2010

Paying 10 cents on the dollar at CVS

Not long ago I was at the rear of a CVS pharmacy and saw the few shelves of a back row cap stashed full with discounted items, nearly all priced at ten percent of retail price. Right there, I bought nine (count 'em) Burt's Bees Head to Toe Starter Kits with yummy smelling oils, creams and balms that would go great in my girlfriend's bags when traveling through airports, or just wonderful to use at home.

My birthday is later this week and I intend to continue a little tradition I started a few years ago. I love a birthday dinner out with my best gal pals at some fun, smart new restaurant to which I bring gifts to give my girlfriends, for my birthday! It is so much fun, and the first year it was a great surprise. So this year, assuming none of them read this blog, they'll all be surprised with a Burt's Bees spa kit.

Retail price: $15.99, I paid $1.59 each for nine, at a savings of $143 (including tax).

Late last night I was dying for a (caffeine free) Diet Coke, so ran over to the CVS store and while there, decided to check that end cap again.

I promise: I am no hoarder, but I did go against Grandpa Durling's admonition that "It ain't cheap if you don't need it." I spent $4.72 (for all items in this pic) to save $39.96.
  • Paid 14 cents (retail $1.49) each for four Scotch brand bubble mailers. I'm using one to mail away a little gift today. 
  • Then some scunci hair clips and bobby pins, $0.32, discounted from retail of $3.29.
  • A gel thing that is the "Secret to Healthier Feet" that compares at $0.89 to $25.00 for the version I spotted at my local natural health store. Didn't need it, but it is alleged to massage and relax my feet. Yum!
  • Picked up several 100-count packs of cotton swabs at 22 cents each, and then--
  • Something I've long wanted: I'm no scrapbooker, but need something to cut paper in a straight line. I can't do it with scissors. Last I checked, a simple paper cutter cost about $25 at an office supply store. I found one here, retail $9.99, and paid $0.99. It's been worth it trying to cut straight lines with scissors and waiting to get one of these things on the cheap.

Anyway, that's the skinny on How I Do It--in response to the questions from many friends and a few strangers of how this girls lives and thrives well on very small expenditures.

Takeaway: Keep an eye out for those clearance racks at CVS pharmacy. All the stores have them, usually in obscure, totally unmarked rear sections.  I just figure, why pad others' profits when I can keep more of my own money and spend or give it away elsewhere, however I want to?

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