July 15, 2010

Month at the Museum

Well-- who in the world wouldn't do this? Eat and sleep for thirty days, get paid ten thousand dollars.

Apparently one of my friends thought I am just wacky enough to do this. But neither am I broke enough / in need of $10,000 enough, to be compelled to do it.

But for you folk out there who could use a spare or ten Grover Clevelands (yes, the United States Treasury printed these through 1946), here is your chance to star in your very own version of "Night at the Museum" and capture your 15 minutes.

From October 20 to November 18, 2010, be the experiment and "eat, sleep, science" at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. I'd be inclined to maybe go for an afternoon, get a free lunch.

For more information, go to MonthattheMuseum.org.

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