July 18, 2010

Free 12-oz frappé or latté at McD's

I have the newspaper delivered on Sundays for only fifty cents. I read all of my news content online, but get this one day delivered only for the manufacturer coupons (and feel a tad guilty when recycling the paper I never open).

Today's worth-getting-the-Sunday-paper for $0.50 was the coupon for free 12-ounce frappé I'm going to pick up at McDonald's, probably later this sizzling hot July day.

(Yes, I'm truly sorry for the shake-up in journalism as readers like me abandon hard-copy news for free online reading, resulting in loss of monies for critically-needed journalism and reportage such as that of John Conroy--without whom Chicago's police lieutenant Jon Burge may not have been convicted last month in a decades-long scenario of torture of citizens See this New York Times blog on this critical issue and horrific case, which, without The Chicago Reader and Conroy's reportage, it may not have seen the bit of justice it did get. Horrors. Because meanwhile, crack author and relentless reporter Conroy gets by, among other means, by writing ad copy for a bicycle parts manufacturer.)

So meantime I'm just focusing on getting a free latté? Well, yeah. But you won't find me dumpster-diving for the newspapers with thousands of coupons for free smoothies and lattés that others are just going to toss. Check your Parade insert for a free coupon and pretend I'm with you when you sip your icy cool latté.

*    *     *     *     *

No, I'm never been much for using coupons; not until about two years ago when I came across a swarm of mommy bloggers who detail how to get many full-size products entirely free, and from your own neighborhood drug store. They do your homework for you by detailing where, when and how to easily, conveniently, combine special offers and deals from pharmacies with manufacturer's coupons. Those crack mom bloggers really do their work. i.e., they do my work for me.

I just swing by their sites once or twice a week, grab the relevant coupons from the Sunday paper inserts, and as a result, have gotten hundreds upon hundreds of free products, primarily, from CVS, Walgreens and Menards which I use myself or give away to friends. Seriously, last time my underemployed friend Jason was over, I sent him home with a bag chock full of shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, moisturizer and a couple of Mach-3 razors from my supply closet--because I will not hoard. I'm like a pharmacy supply company for my family and friends. In fact, I have a huge collection of several hundred dollars' worth of Buts' Bees products that I'm going to wrap up and give to my girlfriends on my birthday next week. More to come on why and how I follow the mom shopping bloggers...

Meanwhile, the sites I most frequent and trust, with the highest-caliber ethics and offerings which have helped me secure tons of free products, dinners and even services are these:  Money Saving Mom, The Thrifty Mama and Daily Essentials and Deals. If you go to these sites, your eyes might glaze over, but there are shortcuts to getting exactly what you want and need quickly and easily. I'll detail more someday.

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