July 18, 2010

I *Do* Know a Good Deal When I See One!

It's been an awesome weekend here in the neighborhood. Other than the three-digit temps and the marvelous flash rain storm that thundered through a few hours ago, there was:
  • the 42nd annual Sheffield Garden Walk (i.e., legitimate snooping through neighbors' back yards);
  • the Armitage Avenue sidewalk sale (I underpaid for a beaded designer sleeveless top -- underpaid because I was carrying cash, no plastic--but was short a few bucks, so the cashier said, "I'll knock off another five percent and take what you have);
  • the  Tres Petite Coucours teeny tiny car show;
...And most amazing of all: this offering for the incredible bargain price of ten dollars: "Heal your soul, transform your life." I'd have thought there would be a line ten blocks long, but no--I peered into the open door which led straight up an empty, black-painted staircase to a landing not visible around the corner.
Where are the lines of people seeking soul healing...perhaps it's known not to be the *bargain* advertised?

My tip: Save ten dollars and aspire to follow the greatest commandment (according to Jesus, upon being queried by several Jewish lawyers): "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind," and: "Love your neighbor as yourself."* I'm seeking a little soul healing myself, dear reader.

* Matthew 22: 34-39

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