July 15, 2010

Get Beauty Treatments free or low-cost: from an Apprentice

Got my hair colored and my grays (yes, I do) touched up by a salon apprentice at the swank (all glass and white and silver and potted plants and skinny black-adorned stylists) Maxine Salon on Rush Street today. I paid 1/3 the standard fee + gratuity.

Photo courtesy Tony Veloz
Ever since discovering Salon Apprentice, I've been getting my highlights touched, my grays soothed, and my layers shaped by salon apprenti all across the city, from Michigan Avenue's Elizabeth Arden to Bucktown's Art + Science salon. If you don't live in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or London, just call a beauty school or large salon-spa in your area and ask how to get on a list as hair model, or how to get connected with salon students who need you.

Because they're always under the scrutiny of a teacher, I've always left with a great and professional look. The downside: it's likely to take a little bit more time to get it done; you have to be flexible with time -- mostly they are available to work on you early in the week and in the mornings. You are likely to find free or steeply discounted services for manis and pedis from beauty school students and even massages from a massage school. Part of the pay--in return for getting free or very low-cost services--is being available and flexible with your time. Just another tip for living broke, but happily.

Uh no, that picture isn't me. Just a shiny apropos photo I spotted on Flickr, thank you.

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