July 23, 2010

Free backpack from Staples (after rebate)

Get a free backpack (after rebate) from Staples beginning on my birthday, Sunday 25 July, through the 31st.

Hmm...whom do you know, could use a good backpack. Your children, grandchildren, nephew--neighbor children whose parents are unemployed, men and women at your local homeless shelter. Maybe you'll just want to surprise a homeless person whom you know with the gift of a new backpack. Nicer-looking and more efficient than plastic garbage bags.

If there is one thing my late (and life-long homeless) friend Wanda did not like, that was to *look* homeless. The girl appreciated a nice-looking bag. Fact, below is photo of her with an orange tote I gave her on her 43rd birthday (lunch at her fave: California Pizza Kitchen, North Ave at Sheffield, Chicago's Lincoln Park, July 9, 2005).

Beginning Sunday, 25 July, OfficeMax will be offering a similar deal via their Max Perks Rewards. Get two free backpacks and pass them along to a friend or homeless person in need. I love giving gifts, don't you?

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all the good leads and thoughtful writing. Vic