July 25, 2010

Don't Look Now, But There's Some Cash in Your Desk Drawer: Selling Electronic Gadgetry

Two things you can do with the electronic gadgets sitting in your desk drawer. Recycle or resell.

Well, three--you can give them to someone else who needs your old Blackberry or laptop.  Which is what my sister-in-law did with her old iPhone. Mine bit the dust and I needed to fill the gap--it was several weeks before orders were being accepted for the next iteration, iPhone 4. She opened a kitchen drawer and pulled out an old iPhone for my use. (Thankful shout-out to JoAnn!)

I'll admit I haven't been doing as well with my own recycling, having two laptops in my possession I no longer use.

This will soon change: Last week, my friend Tom (former Apple employee) said the old MacBook Pro was worth some bucks. He asked me to send the serial number and he'll tell me how much cash I can get it for it. The backlight went out, but it has perfectly operating brains. Hook it up to a monitor and it will serve somebody just fine. (Sorry, MacBook Pro. Yes, there were days I knew I could not live without you, yet I've since moved on to another: a sweet, glowing, super-sized 27" iMac.)

Meantime, for those of you with dead iPods and old phones littering your shelves, head to one of these websites that will pay cash for old gadgets: Techforward.com, gazelle.com, MyBoneYard.com

State detail of the product you own and its condition, and you'll get a bid. Or choose to donate.

Of course, you can offer your items on eBay or Craigslist.

Year to date, I've made $635 simply from cleaning out my closets, posting pictures on Craigslist, and collecting the coin. My house is looking a bit more spare, the closets enjoy the breathing room, and I really didn't need the pretty, but dusty chandelier that was getting no love in the attic space of my garage.

Or do what this Michigan farmer did. Rather than dump in a landfill, re-purpose metal objects you no longer use into fabulous art:

Somewhere on Montgomery Road, south-central Michigan

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