July 28, 2010

All that free back-to-school stuff is happening now

"Back to School" sales are everywhere, so I loaded up on a few dozen pens, glue sticks, highlighters, tape and other home-office wares, all "free after rebate" items from Menards (yes, the home-improvement store) last night.

I needed to purchase 35' of electrical wire among other stuff, so that purchase qualified me for the free-after-rebate items by purchasing a minimum of $10 of non-rebated items. Of course I rolled over the $15.00 credit earned from several sets of "free after rebate" paint brushes on which I stocked up earlier this summer.

For more detail of the ins and outs of Menards' rebates (which I take advantage of about twice a month), and specific deals for this week, see what our admirable friend The Thrifty Mama has to post about that.

But today, I stocked up on special order /personalized home-office supplies. I took advantage of the list of free products offered at Vistaprint. This is the first time I've ordered checks from a source other than through my Chase bank's offering, and probably about time I not pay crazy prices for those antiquated, old-school modes of cash transfer. 25 checks = free, and they'll last me a long time, since I write fewer and fewer of them. And 250 business cards, a pen with my logo, personalized rubber address stamp, and even a free car magnet! (I know, call me crazy. I don't think I'll be driving around with my business logo stuck to the side of my auto, but I ordered it rather on a whim--possibly to be a regretted waste, but I'll just make the magnet into a toy or something relatively redeemingly useful

Check out the office supply items you can get free at Vistaprint. Look for the pull-down menu in the top left column "Free Products," and order away. You only pay shipping. As usual, I opted for the slowest and cheapest shipping time and rate: 21 days. I almost always get items within a week when selecting the cheap 21-day delivery rates anyway.

  • Business Cards
  • Return Address Labels
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Website
  • Checks
  • Personalized pen
  • Car door magnet (!)
  • Logo design
  • Website

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  1. Hey, I got one of my free backpacks already. Its big enough for my laptop and my books for class. Thanks for all the freebie information, Sister!