June 20, 2010

Today's Craigslist find: vintage fan

Who else would drive 15 miles one way in summer city traffic to get her hands on a cool vintage table fan, sold by a couple in Berwyn? Here is today's twenty-dollar find. I broke the Craigslist code of bargaining and didn't even bid my seller back, paying him the entire amount he asked--it was so sweet and summer-wonderful.
Command Air, Model DF, Tennalite Mfg. Co., Chicago, $20

The petal-shaped blades barely move on low, slower than a waddling duck's webbed foot on a hot June afternoon, just batting at the air.

So cool.

I wish it were a little noiser like the super-vintage fan I found in the attic above my parents' garage a few years ago, probably from the 40s. It once belonged to our spinster great-aunt. This cast-iron thing whirrs loudly, weighing in at 11 pounds (I just checked my bathroom scale), and could instantly sever the tip of a wayward finger. I once seriously injured my forearm by getting it too near the totally unprotected sharp metal blades. Friends, be warned, my house is so NOT child-proof, and actually not very adult-proof, either. Lawyers, gather 'round.

Once belonged to my Auntie Ila Mae "Babe" Gourley, may she rest in peace; Perfect working condition, BTW

Yes, I have central air conditioning, but these fans add so much awesome ambiance, plus I had to have the two-speed "Command Air," manufactured some 40 years ago by Tennalite Mfg. Co., Chicago.

Meantime, waiting for me to take out to the garbage: this trendy table fan I bought less than two years ago that was not built to last. The Bionaire was fit for a Pottery Barn lifestyle and unlike the others, rotated graciously. In spite of the style, safety features and glass base, it just wasn't meant to last. C.H.E.A.P.

In other Craigslist news, I bought a homelier (not pictured), less stylin' floor-standing rotating fan last week for $10, brought it home, wasn't working, emailed the seller, and he kindly dropped $10 into my PayPal account. Which, if you do not have one, start PayPaling today. It's an easy way to repay money. Or conversely, collect debts. I like their new campaign:
Split lunch. No ATM? Send money. Save face and pay your share instantly with PayPal.

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