June 2, 2010

This "Broke" seems divinely "Happy"

I am not married, but am thinking about getting married, so I can get with that formal separation thing. The journey to that place of suspension, that prelepsis that is divorce, as presented in yesterday's Gore family news seems divine. I want some of that.

The Gores' statement indicates they have evolved to and present themselves from a place at the apex of Maslov's hierarchy. A place of rare maturity in thinking outside of the self, of being motivated by the need of the other, and of a deep sense or connection to the personhood or unit that creates the "they" of their marital relation (as opposed to the "me" of the individual): Goes the statement of their choice to part:
 "...a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration."

Oh, but for a partnership of such caring and mutual sharing and support. And strategic and tactical consideration. Feels like a fluffy cottonball.

I'm not hearing any fine China splintering.

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