June 8, 2010

Signage, on the Offense

Was just reminded why so rare it is that I go into retail stores--that don't sell groceries or produce. Here's a photo journal of my stop in a favorite store (because it's all cute cheapy discounted stuff, that looks / appears swanky designer-y quality stuff, enough for my discriminating tastes, anyway). Soon I'd had enough of this sort of mental jangling -- the signage and sort of guerrilla marketing tactics employed.

Who wants to be a loser (which is what you'll be if you don't buy these beach themed hand towels for your bath). If your are at all competitive--I for sure am-- you'll want to achieve shopping VICTORY.

Nor do I want to miss out on a HOT TREND for my closet. Plain old wire hangers, nothing! My closets have "trended" over the years, up to plastic tube hangers, but apparently that's all 80s.

I'm going to have to get these new velvety hangers...and in EVERY color, since I don't want to be left OUT of the trend of having the latest fashion colors in my closet (none of which will show with clothing covering them.)
Exhausting, it is. Hope I choose the "right" color hangers to decorate my closet properly.
I left the store soon after, apparently in defeat (Alamo-me, I didn't wave the white truce hand-towel flag), and decidedly untrendy, staying with the plastic tubular hangers that keep my clothes off the floor just fine, thank you. Anyone else just done with this sort of in-your-face store messaging?


  1. You are correct: if you have lots of room in your closet and and lots of drawer space for sweaters, you don't need to redo your hanger collection.
    However, as a personal organizer I have discovered that the fabric covered skinny hangers can greatly increase the number of clothes you can fit in vintage Chicago closets AND hold slippy slinky tops, dresses, etc. AND eliminate hanger bumps in sweaters.
    I never pay more than .50 each.

  2. Hi Vic: I like a girl who has an established price for certain products. I have a few of those, one being: I won't spend more than one dollar for a four-pack of bathroom tissue. Not easy to find, but possible.

    As for the hangers, I've gotten nearly all of my plastic tubulars free. When tenants vacate an apartments I just clean out the nicer hangers--got so many I began giving them away by the sackful.