June 17, 2010

People R Funny about Money: Modern Family, ABC

Dialogue from finale of season one, "Modern Family," on the ABC television network:

The gay couple, Cameron and Mitchell, arrives at the home of Mitchell’s sister for a family barbeque. We hear Cameron’s voice, “Since Mitchell is between jobs, I’ve taken a part-time job at a greeting card store. Which. I. Love. Plus with my discount, we’re saving a fortune!

Mitchell, “How is spending a ton of money on greeting cards saving us a fortune?”

Cameron replies, “It’s math.”

“It’s really not,” Mitchell retorts.

“Look it up.”

Mitchell lets out a long sigh, then flipping through the cards, reads off the prices, “Two ninety-five, two ninety-five, four ninety-five, two ninety-five...”

Durling which time Cameron talks over him, “Forty percent off, forty percent off, forty percent off, forty percent off…”

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