June 11, 2010

Be Broke, but with a decent lunch

Driving south on State Street in Chicago today (en route to my Craigslist purchase of a $10 vintage- look floor fan from someone moving out of 899 S Plymouth Court), I spotted what appeared to be the velvet-rope line for a hot new club. But even better--it was a line of smart savvy lunchers taking advantage of Jimmy John's "$1.00 SUBS: Customer Appreciation Day."

There is a lot of this going on lately--you can probably find a sub shop special in your neighborhood. For a $2.99 Quizno's lunch of a small sub sandwich, chips and a beverage, go here to print the coupon, good today through 18 June 2010. Far as I can tell, you can print an unlimited number of coupons. Take your friends, take the fam.

Think of it as lunch on Broke Girl. Invite me to go with, and I'll pay the $2.99 for your lunch.

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  1. Oh, and to locate, enter your zip code on this page: http://www.quiznos.com/subsandwiches/