June 15, 2010

2 + 2 = sorta 5

You're going to find out just how much I admire Dennis Miller, because of DMZ creepage into my content. He has it going on at the Dennis Miller Zone.

So this morning Miller says if there is anything that really discomforts him, that forebodes we're at the point of no return, that it is near time to switch off the lights and head for the cellar (my words, not his), it is partial credit for wrong answers. (I'll 'spain more tomorrow.)

A well-spoken, brilliant-minded contemporary on the opposite end of the political spectrum is in full agreement. Miller self-identifies as Republican and on the right; James T. Meeks is all Democrat, all day.

What Miller said today immediately brought to mind a sermon heard roughly seven years ago at Chicago's largest church (and also non-integrated--an all-black church). Riff alert: Illinois State Senator Rev. James T. Meeks (D), buddy (or used to be, cause there are no longer any buddies) of ousted Governor Rod Blagojevich; known Democrat, pro-Obama, pro-Clinton, pro-Gore, and anti- anything Republican or of the Family Bush. Yeah, that separation of church and state thing just hasn't caught on at the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago.*

But anyway, a beautiful thing it was from the mouth of James T. Meeks. And it was about absolutes. He said two plus two will always equal four. Ain't three-and-a-half, not five, couldn't be seven. Much as you want, wish and weep, it won't never be eleven. It will forever be exactly four; no less, no more.

What's my point? I just think that for a broke, or not -broke person to achieve happiness it is critical to accept and embrace the reality of certain absolutes. It gets real unhealthy when it is suggested in the broader society that 2+2 could be massaged just a bit.

And yes, let's bring it on home. This refers also to your bank account, credit card purchases, that wad of money that just fell out in the wash. [I found a full size Scotch® tape dispenser in my washer today. Oops, haven't taken today's ADD meds.]

You cannot experience fiscal freedom and peace of mind when you are not plugged in to what is real about you, your life, the money you have, the money you do not have, and the money you wish were yours but isn't. So it is a bit of a political and personal finance rant today, my dear friends here at the School of Broke. Smooches to all three of my devoted readers. (Shout out to mom!)

Oh, and I kindly challenge you to give a full two bucks to the very next homeless person you cross paths. Okay, so there is just one time when $2 is really more than it is. What is $2 for you might be like $20 for them. You know?

* Disclosure. I formally joined SBCOC as member in June 2001. I have huge respect and admiration for Rev Meeks. And I am in strong disagreement with him on numerous political ideologies. But I repeat: Meeks has earned my enormous respect and admiration.

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