April 8, 2009

Stuff to Throw Other Stuff In

I've been feeling a bit--well, guilty isn't the right word, but concerned about or aware of my consumption of resources. There are three toilets in my home, but I can only sit on one at a time. There are two showers and two baths, and today I used one of each, lingering in the hot water of my swirling whirlpool tub to soothe the painful knot that developed in my back last week.

(Note to self: Never again bicycle long distances on a very cold day at the beginning of cycling season when not in good physical condition. Every spring I start bicycling when I've not been properly yoga-tizing my back, and every year this results in a fierce knot and several days or weeks of pain and working it out.)

So back to the topic at hand. What would an alien from another planet, or simply someone from an earlier century think of this bit of wastefulness.

I spend money just to buy a specific size of plastic kitchen bag, solely for the purpose of collecting my garbage to later toss out. Yet meantime, I frequently bring home--free--smaller grocery, department and drugstore plastic bags to simply toss away, unused. Sometimes I put them in the larger bag I've purchased just for the purpose of assembling and tossing garbage. It's crazy! (Although I no longer throw away the smaller bags, but give to my favorite neighborhood resale shop, the White Elephant. They always need them and love it when I bring them in.)

What in the world is wrong in the world when we're persuaded by advertisers of the essential features and benefits of trash bags for purchase...when it would make much more sense to use the free smaller bags we collect by the hundreds and thousands (to dispose our garbage)?

So maybe I'll go back to using a smaller kitchen trash bag.

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