March 12, 2009

Phone revolution

Okay, well, maybe I spoke a tad too quickly. As I said, I haven't yet started up my new ALLVOI phone service because the equipment hasn't arrived.

I just read about the soon-to-be-released Google Voice, a revised version of GrandCentral, the phone manager service it acquired two years ago. I think I'll take a look at subscribing to Google Voice instead.

It could take a serious swipe at telephone companies, tech start ups and maybe even Skype. Although the latter has an enormous following and is hugely advanced in terms of video. For one thing, I'm not keen on being seen at my phone. Skype is perfect, of course, for my nephew, who lives on a different continent than his steady girlfriend. I have met her via his Skype conversations with her, so I certainly see the value. (And she is very pretty.)

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