March 9, 2009

A Pictorial, Last Week's Broke Girl Budget

"What Broke Girl did this week in pursuit of a smart, savvy, low-maintenance low-waste lifestyle." Or...

"Living Legally on the Lam: Broke Girl's Pursuit of a Low Cash-Consumption Lifestyle" Or...

"Getting to Overflow on a Trickle of Cash Flow: Life in the New Economy"

(I hate the words frugal, miserly, cheap...even thrifty, so am obliterating them from my vocabulary.) But anyway, here are some of my personal financial details of last week. Visuals included for those of you who process data like I.
  • Bought Burpee seeds ($4.52 + tax); will save money by sprouting and growing my own seedlings for May planting; Used Home Depot gift card from my sister-in-law for dogsitting last autumn.
  • Locked keys in car at 9:00 AM Friday; took six trips on the subway to retrieve house keys so could get car keys from home; that plan failed; friend successfully cracked into my car at 2:00 PM, saving $55.00 service station fee. I tipped $20, so had a sort of net savings of $35.00; Time lost: five hours riding subway train, tracking friends to whom I've given a spare house key. Regularly scheduled car maintenance later that day: $551.46. Ouch, but fair pay for fair work.
  • Went to Dominick's armed with coupons and snagged 1) a free 2-liter bottle 7-Up; 2) pound of unsalted butter for $0.99; Raisin Bran $0.99; the latter two for 75% under the posted price—a darn good take for $1.98 + tax.
  • Went to movie using my not-remotely exclusive membership in the Five Buck Club with Kerasotes Theatres, saving $5.75 off the ticket price of $10.75. Be smart like me, kids! Get your club card here. Zero threshold to join, no hazing, no kissing up the frat prez or paying dues or acting like you're all that.
  • Picked up a pick rubberized case for my iPhone for $1.00 at a dollar store; looks good as the one I saw an hour later at Target for $34.99.
  • Took friend on a sort of anthropological tour of ALDI—her first trip to my favorite grocery store. She's still employed with Major Multi-National Bank, but wanting to get a head start on learning the ropes for thriving in leaner times, if / when they occur.
  • As it happened, two friends treated me to dinner, and then I attended a very lovely Saturday evening soiree in the cloistered Barrington Hills, so pretty much all the weekend eatin and dinin was free. I just brought flowers for the hosts.
Clockwise from top left: pink rubber iPhone case, $1; Burpee seeds to make own seedlings, $4.52+tax; saw movie for $5, with Five Buck Club card—get one free, never pay full fare at Kerasotes Theatres; receipt for groceries from ALDI's, $5.44.

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