February 21, 2009

Who Buys This Stuff?

Stuff that makes me go "Whaa?" I won't be buying these from a SkyMall magazine I thumbed through. I don't need more things to take up space and my time to clean, dust, change batteries, and then toss when it breaks. Who is going to repair the $59.99 paper towel automatic dispenser when it goes on the blink? I'll skip the disposable towels and use a clean rag anyway.

1. $79.95 - Burlwood and glass case displays up to 24 watches on 24 separate hand-stitched pillows
I only have one watch.
2. $75.00 - Talking remote thermometer. "Wireless belt monitor will tell you when your food is cooked from 300 feet away."
I would rather walk to the grill and look at the food.
3. $59.99 - Electric sensor-activated paper towel dispenser
It's probably easier to pull a towel from the roll all by myself.
4. $79.99 - Upside down tomato planter allows tomatoes to ripen with no danger of rotting on the ground
For $79.99, I'll buy tomatoes at an organic market and have them delivered to my door.
5. $199.00 - Mahogany and leather valet box on which to set and charge up to four devices.
I lay my iPhone on my desk while it charges. It doesn't need a little house of its own.
6. $69.95 - Electric continuous freshening drinking fountain for felines.
I don't even have an electric continuous water fountain for myself. (Nor have I a cat.)


  1. LOL! I always wonder about the SkyMall catalog, too. Is it possible that the whole thing is an elaborate hoax, a sign that airlines do have a sense of humor and want to entertain us?

  2. Well now THAT makes sense, dear Anonymous...far more so than a monitor clipped to my belt notifying me the hamburgers are cooked.

    What I REALLY could have used is a monitor that aroused me from my sleep when the snow fall hit the 2" limit for parking in front of my house. Awakened by a beep, I'd have moved my car, and would not have been hit with the $50 fine slapped on my windshield at 4:00 a.m.

    (And the City of Chicago never did bother to clear the snow, which is the point of forcing cars off the street at 2+ inches of snowfall.)

  3. Dear Cost-Saver ~ I do hope you took pictures and wrote in to the city. I have had success ... maybe you will too.

  4. I want to know how many "Glamdring The Sword Of Gandalf" they've sold for $295.00!