February 4, 2009

Five Buck, One Buck and Free Movies

Some weeks ago I watched my first free movie from my 15" laptop at hulu.com. It's not the finest resolution but once you get engaged with a film's story, I think enjoyment of it has little to do with whether you're viewing it on a massive HDTV or iPhone. I mean, a good movie is a good movie, right?

Broke Girl is a movie buff, but won't pay full fare at the theaters. Kerasotes Theatres issues a Five Buck card—you can see first-run movies in the theaters a few weeks after opening date for only $5.00, even cheaper than matinees.

Redbox offers the cheapest DVD rentals at $1. The free-standing kiosks are at sites like Walmart, Jewel, McDonald's and Walgreens. Find a redbox location near you. Overhead is low because the kiosks are self-serve, operating somewhat like a soda machine. Get the code for your first free redbox rental here. You can also sign up to get the code for a free movie on Mondays. Beat that!

Or get your first redbox DVD rental free by entering the promo code "breakroom." (As of this writing, anyway.) You must slide a credit or debit card in the reader to register your identity / information. Because if you don't return the DVD within 24 hours, you will be charged $1 per day thereafter.


  1. Don't forget that DVDs (and books) are free at your local library.

  2. Yes Diane! My mother does that, and I forgot. I often get books on CD at my local library, especially if I'm taking a road trip, but have never rented DVDs there... probably because I'm more interested in seeing recently-released films.

    Thanks for that.

  3. I love redbox movies.It makes family movie night very cheap.