February 4, 2009

Financial Goals...Borrring

Borrring, but imporrrtant.

I started this blog in 2005. After keeping up my hectic schedule of posting once a year I decided to kick it up a notch in 2009. So along with this start, it's time to pull out the maps and assess where we are.

Did you make new year's resolutions? Me neither. I hoped to lose five pounds in 2005. However, rather amoeba-like, those pounds replicated by binary fission into 25 pounds that I could lose in 2009. So having a resolution just sort of jinxes things, right?

Conversely, it has been said that if you don't write down your goals, you won't make them happen.

You need to see it and hear it in black and white and noisy all over. Like, if you don't have a destination for your travels, how will you know when you've arrived? Sometimes I would rather drive around and discover things without a fixed agenda. But 2008 wasn't so kind as to offer scenic byways and fun little jaunts along my road to financial freedom.

Did you set financial goals for the year? I didn't. And hey—I guess I achieved them.

For the financial blogger philosopher that I portend to be, I'm coming up short. After getting a good wallop by the financial markets last autumn and most days since, it's time to get out the map and articulate the goals that once drove my pocketbook and nest egg. How about we team up...here are some suggestions for '09. Pick three and get on with it.
  1. Stash ___ % earnings in a retirement plan
  2. Give ___ % earnings to charity
  3. Meet at least once with a financial adviser (who charges a fee, not commission)
  4. Review each insurance policy at least once for appropriate coverage and premiums
  5. Check com plans (phone, cable, ISP) to ensure best for the buck
  6. Save $ _____ by [date] ________ to spend on [item] _________
  7. Set up separate folders for all financial statements, receipts, paystubs, etcetera
  8. Read __ financial columns or journals ____ times per week, or
  9. Read [personal finance book or workbook titles:] ____________
  10. Review all finances (with partner if you have one) and set monthly, yearly, 5-yr, 10-yr and lifetime financial goals
  11. Pay down $ ______ of [credit card debt, mortgage, auto loan, ed loan] ____________
  12. Reassess career goals; strategize position in the job market
  13. Pay back $ ______ that I've borrowed from friends, family
  14. Keep notebook of all expenditures for one month; assess spend trends; re-engineer budget as needed
  15. [Fill in the blank] _______________________________
Meet you back here in 2010.

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