February 20, 2009

Cheap Fit

Nah, I'm not writing about an ill-tailored suit. I'm talking about staying fit—fiscally cheaply. If you're veering dangerously in the direction of broke, drop the fitness club membership.

This Sunday the 22nd, is Chicago's 12th annual Hustle Up the Hancock, a world-class stair climb. 4,000 participants will race up 94 flights in the building's stairwells to the top of Chicago's fourth tallest building (recently edged out from third place by the new Trump Tower.)

There may be a stair climb near you. This weekend races are located at highrises in Denver, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, MI, Las Vegas, Omaha and Philadelphia. If not, simply skip the elevator for the rest of 2009 when you go to work.

Or if you live in the flatlands of Kansas, park as far away as you can from the Wal-Mart entrance. Don't use their giant carts, but carry your purchases back to the minivan. Do not get in your car and drive across the street to your bank. Lock your purchases in the car and walk there, do the banking, and then return to your car. Of course, you'll reverse that sequence if you're buying ice cream.

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