February 7, 2009

Broke Girl Goes Shopping

Now through early 2010, get a 13-oz Organix brand shampoo or conditioner, free with mail-in rebate (up to $6.99). One per household. Check for the little tag on the cap; they don't appear on every bottle.

Best part? The varieties are yummy: cucumber yogurt, grapefruit mango butter, lavender soymilk, pomegranate green tea, passionfruit guava, mocha espresso, teatree mint, shea butter, coconut milk, mandarin olive oil and vanilla silk.

I picked these up at CVS, but the products are distributed to scores of retailers nationally. Go get one.


  1. I saw this, and plan on getting some too. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Just a hint from my experience with this company. Keep a copy of your rebate, receipt and note when you mailed it in. I did this rebate as did my daughter in Florida and neither one of us ever received our money back. Unfortunately we did not keep copies of the information.