February 27, 2009

Billion Dollar Ex

A friend of mine was once married to a billionaire.

One chilly evening we were enjoying hot chocolate and conversation. Or at least I was. After a retelling of the histrionics of the education planning, travel schedule and more for her sons with whom they share custody, she said, All I want is peace in my life.

I can still hear the imploring tone in her voice followed by a very deep and pained sigh.

There were no ex spouses involved; the issues did not hover on money (heck, there was so much of it). She lives luxuriously, as you might expect. They have only the boys as their mutual point of contact. But living with the sort of things that come to bear when a family is torn asunder, and your ex is miles and miles past reasonable, has left her one very unhappy and distraught (but very thin, beautiful and rich) woman.

Might one rather be broke, but happy?

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