February 25, 2009

Beauty Starts in the Kitchen

Beauty on the Cheap: Finding Product in Your Kitchen Cupboards (Includes a Tip or Two for the Men)*

Skin care product annual sales have hit $50 billion. Seriously, girls—do you think the beauty product industry can really deliver all that? Give these "mother nature" products a try:
  1. Exfoliate lips with brown sugar; rinse, coat with chap stick
  2. Exfoliate face with white granulated sugar and water; for extra dry skin, exfoliate with sugar and olive oil
  3. Blend a tablespoon of baking soda with shampoo to remove product build-up
  4. Condition hair with mayonnaise or a raw egg
  5. Mix one part vinegar with three parts warm water for a soft and sleek hair rinse
  6. Toss one half cup powdered milk in bath
  7. Massage face with a mixture of honey, lemon juice and oatmeal once a week
  8. Use olive oil as a moisturizing cleanser and night cream (blend with 1/2 parts water and vinegar to remove dead cells and revitalize)
  9. Soften dry elbows, cracked heels and cuticles with olive oil; it absorbs more deeply than other oils
  10. Splash face with apple cider to restore ph balance; use on face and neck as aftershave
  11. To maintain bright white teeth, snack on crunchy veges; they'll stimulate saliva production to naturally flush away coffee, tea and blueberry stains
  12. Drink more water, less caffeine; it flushes impurities, keeps a glow and is less trouble than a face lift, botox, or costly creams
Broke Girl dares you to incorporate one into your skin care routine in the next 24 hours. Have you a favorite beauty tip from the kitchen that we missed? Please leave yours here in comments.

*With a nod to master Idea Exchange tipsters Kathryn, Danielle and Diane—thanks, you smart and savvy women!

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  1. Great tips! Found you through WFMW. :)

  2. I already use several of these on a regular basis, but there were many great tips I hadn't heard of, yet. Thank you.