January 15, 2009

Zero Degrees and Dropping

The high temp today is -5 (Fahrenheit) and falling toward -15. Fearing my face will crack, I'm staying in.

I could set the thermostat at 72 degrees, but it's at 64. I don't need to be cheap, but I want to. Plus I don't want to be a fuel hog. I am home alone, so there is no one to argue with me about this.

I'd be embarrassed for some friends to see me, but I'm sitting at my desk with a down vest over a long-sleeved tee, a fluffy rabbit-tail scarf around my neck and a wool hat perched on my head. It's comfortable and not bulky.

Reminds me of my parents' neighbor, a great guy who did not share my sport of frugalism. He once saw me out walking and pulled over. Rolling down the window of his big shiny pickup, he grinned and shouted, "Hey, I read your book. I could never be married to someone like you. I gotta spend my money." Maybe he missed my tales of foreign travel and certain indulgent luxuries.

Believe me—I can spend money; this is called allocating resources. I'll take a long hot shower or bath tonight. If I had guests at my house today, I would crank the furnace way up long before they arrived, but I'm comfortable in my little hat, which preserves body heat so well. I keep popping it off because it's overwarming my globe. Now I must attend to the other end. I've got to put on another pair of socks.

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