September 23, 2006

Ironing: The Self-Help Solution Brought to You By Target

I went searching for a laundry drying rack today in a big box superstore. Found what I needed, then looked a bit closer.

Whoever wrote copy for product packaging has spare time on his hands—or missed a career as poet / essayist.

It had never occurred to me that ironing away wrinkles could be the key to the change I'm always chasing; the new, improved me, the new leaf I turn over on New Years' Day or seek as autumn overtakes summer in that Back-To-School fresh start of a season. Anyway, the wrapper on the clothes-drying rack read (and I copied it exactly):

"There's something rather magical about ironing.

You take your rumpled-up life. Spritz a little water on it. Run an iron over it and presto. Everything's new again.

The wrinkles of yesterday have vanished right before your very eyes. and there you are, looking fresh. Feeling sharp. Ready to take on the world.

Expandable Drying Rack. Relax. Easy, no-tool assembly."

So there it is. $19.99 between me and an easy, no-tool assembly for spritzing my rumpled-up life and making me ready to take on the world. If only.

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